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Face Mask "HOT"
Face Mask "HOT"

Face Mask "HOT"

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Craftsman embroidered Face Mask.

Double certified antibacterial & water repellent cotton.

The face mask has an inside pocket to include an anti-pollution filter if required.

Adjustable with velcro on your neck, to leave your hair and earrings free. You can put or take of your face mask from your mouth with a very simple movement.

Embroidery made by master Craftsmen in our Ateliers. 

With the manufacturing of our Face Masks, we contribute to the fight against sexual exploitation of Women.

Made in Spain.



With hydro alcoholic solution (70%) in spray. Clean daily your face mask inside and outside with uniform layers.

Recommended Hand wash. Put your face mask in a bowl with warm water and neutral soap. Rinse it well.

Washing machine. Choose a delicate clothe washing cycle. Use neutral soap.

Ironing your face mask in the inside part at 150ºC is recommended.

Its properties remain unchanged with minimum 20 washings.



 Water Repellent. It shields water and provides protection from viruses and bacteria.

Prevents from fungal growth and bacteria due to exhalation.

Breathable textile.